New Playboy Slots Promotions

Curvy Kimi, sexy Ashley, hot Sofia, or sensual Jillian. Which of the steamy Playboy maidens do you fancy most? Which of them would you like to take out on a lovely date? How about having them help you make some nice money out of it? Sounds too good to be true? Partially, it is too good to be true.


Sensual Online Slots Games – The Playboy Approach

The game of Playboy slots that has been recently released by Microgaming giant does allow you to meet up with these four babes, but it is needless to say you are not actually going to turn into Hugh Hefner over the night and get to go on a real date with any of these fine ladies. What the game allows you to do, however, is to admire them in all of their beauty, play a few rounds of online slots for real money and get closer to hitting the 1,250,000 jackpot. Is that good enough for you? Millions of passionate fans all over the world have been patiently waited for this hot new video slots game to see the light of day. The sexy images the Playboy online slots games comprise are cleverly spread over the exciting game, the cool animation and the amazing pack of free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers all come to speak about the beauty of this new game.    


Playboy Slots – Calling All Players


Playboy games are 5-reel online slots games that allow players to bet a maximum of 150 coins. It provides gamblers with no less than 243 different ways to win and it is quite addictive. Newbies and advanced video slot players altogether will be immediately captured by the thrills of the game. The game of Playboy slots features some elegant wild and scatter symbols, along with some hot bonus features. The aim of each player is to turn into a Platinum Member at the Playboy Club. And this can be achieved by unlocking each Playboy Club bonus feature one at a time. This way, players are carried away by one of the lovely Playboy maidens all the way to the Free Spins screen, where they will be allowed to try their luck. Kimi will bring players 10 free spins; Sofia is a bit more generous – she’s willing to let gamblers enjoy 15 free spins. Ashley likes to treat her companions really good, so she is willing to display 20 free spins, while Jillian seems to be the most giving maiden at the Playboy Club, offering 25 free spins.


Playboy Slots – Special Multipliers


Each of the previously mentioned bonuses is going to bring players a mighty fine multiplier. Hence, the Running Wilds is going to be offered during free spins rounds and each new round of free spins is going to boost the number of Wilds. The Rolling Reels provide gamblers two chances of winning per every spin they make. Finally, the Wild Night symbols are being triggered on a random basis and they can turn up to 5 reels into Wild Reels. Just ask Jillian about them.