Play Mobile Pokies on Your Smart Phone from anywhere at anytime

It’s the latest and greatest thing in the world of pokies – mobile phone pokies and it’s coming to a smart phone near you. As you probably know from reading this website, we happen to love pokies and it pains us to not be able to play them when we’re away from the computer. So, we thought hey – if it’s good enough for Apple to create an electronic assistant, then it’s good enough for us to make sure that we can play pokies anywhere – even on the bus while commuting to work. Here’s what you need to know:

The Same Feature Set

Our mobile pokies feature the same kind of games that you’ve come to expect from their non mobile cousins. That means that you can see ordinary slots, video slots and multiple slots. You can play for real money, let it ride or cash out, just as you would when you play from your desktop computer. The one and only requirement is that you need to have an account with us and a valid credit card.

We’ll take care of the rest and you can become that much richer while riding the bus out to work. It’s a win-win scenario that will make you and us happy (because we love pokies and want you to be able to play them whenever you like).

State of the Art Encryption

You may be concerned that our mobile phone pokies are vulnerable to ID theft. Rest assured however that we employ the latest technology to ensure that your information is secure and that no one will be able to steal your information from us. The one weak point may be when you enter your password in our pokies mobile casino site. In this case, we suggest that you use your hand to shield the phone’s screen so that curious onlookers will not be able to steal your password.

If you suspect your password has been compromised however, we encourage you to change it immediately and drop us a line about it. We’ll do whatever we can to help you get back to the thing that’s most important – playing mobile pokies on your smart phone.

Optimized for the Small Screen

By the way, our mobile phone pokies are not just a shrunken version of the desktop. They are optimized for the small screen, meaning that you will actually be able to read what it says on the screen without being stuck trying to use the multi-touch features of your phone to expand the text. It’s all part our commitment to making sure that you get the very best mobile pokies programs available.