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Check Out These Experts Tips on How to Win at Playing Pokies

Yes, it’s true that pokies are supposed to be completely random, a fact which would seem to indicate that there are no tips on how to win at pokies. However, just like there are certain rules of statistics which can help you win the lottery, there are also a number of pokies tips which you can use to increase your chances of picking up a win here at ePokies.

The Law of Probability

Ever pokies on the planet operates on the law of probability. Whether it’s one of the increasingly rare mechanical style pokies, or it’s one of the more common video style pokies, they all use the law of probabilities to decide exactly who will win and who will lose. This means that if you understand probability, you stand a statistically better chance at winning.

Progressive Pokies are Easiest

Now the catch of course is that you need to find the machines which haven’t paid out for a while. The law of probabilities states that these machines are the ones that are most likely to pay out. In fact, in virtually every list of pokies tips we’ve ever looked at, it says that you need to find the machines which haven’t paid out for a while and play those.

Of course, in most cases you won’t necessarily know how long it’s been since a particular machine on our site or another site happens to have taken to pay out. However, if you’re looking to find out how to win at pokies and how to win big, then the most popular of our games provides you with all the information you need. Those are our progressive pokies.

The reason that they’re so great (aside from the massive amounts of money you can win by playing them) is that they actually provide you with the information you need to win. After all, with our progressive pokies, you can tell how long it’s been since they paid out by the total jackpot you can win.

Look for Machines with Big Payouts

Another great tip for pokies is that you should look for machines with big payouts. This means that you want the machines with the larger jackpots because they are more likely to reward you. After all, if your chances of winning are roughly equal regardless of which machine you play at, then you want to play at the highest payout machines so that you can pick up a bigger win , unlike when you play craps online , in craps , the odds are totaly dependent on the dice.

Pick a Machine and Stick to It

Finally, another one of our tips on how to win at pokies is to pick a single machine and stick with it. As we noted above, pokies are designed around the law of probabilities. The more times that you’ve played any particular pokies machine, the more likely you are to be closer to a major payoff. By switching constantly between different machines, you reduce the chance of walking away with a pile of our cash. But hey, if you want to donate money to us, we don’t mind. However, if you want to know how to win at pokies, then we’ve just shared our biggest secret with you. So go and win yourself some big money!