Even a random game like pokies has tricks and cheats - check them out

In spite of what some people may claim to the contrary, there are pokies tricks which will help you to win big money and beat the system. These pokies cheats will let you walk away with more of our money, but don’t worry – we want to help you out. The way we figure it, the more you play the more you’ll tell your friends about it and the more customers we’ll get for our site. This means that it’s a win-win situation for everyone. So read on to find out exactly why and how you can win big at pokies.

Use Probability to Your Advantage

One of the best pokies tricks we’ve ever come across is to consider the question of probability. In essence, all pokies work on the basis of probability – how likely a given number is likely to come up in any scenario. So for example, if you rolled a single dice, you’d have a one in six probability of getting a six. Pokies use the same concept, but on a much more sophisticated level.

Using Probability

The problem with using probability to help you with pokies cheats is that you don’t know quite how any machine has been programmed. However, if you can figure out how often a given machine has been used in active play, then you have a better chance of winning some money. That’s why many people lurk at casinos and wait for someone to exhaust their cup of quarters – they’ve already had the machine putting out the unprofitable rolls and they hope to swoop in and grab a profitable pull of the lever.

The catch is that this pokies cheat doesn’t work well for online pokies since you don’t know how often someone has used that machine. However, one way you can use this and other pokies tricks which rely on probability is to look for the progressive machines. These machines actually pull a portion of money from each person’s lever pull (or mouse click in our case) and keep them in a large pool. When the amount is particularly high, you know that this particular pokies cheat is more likely to pay off, because you know that lots of other people have tried before you and already spent their money.

Stick to One Pokies

The other pokies trick that we suggest you try is sticking to a single machine. Each of our pokies is programmed to pay out on a certain schedule. That means that, like the lurkers at a casino, you can improve your odds of winning by sticking to a single machine until it eventually pays out rather than trying to switch from one to the next to the next.